Maxcom SA is a hi-tech, fast-growing company engaged in manufacturing and constant advancement of telecommunication devices such as GSM mobile telephones, both hard-wired and cordless landline telephones, Personal Mobile Radios walkie talkie, and GPS satellite navigation devices.

Our range of products lists four categories of telecommunication devices for you to select from:
- Comfort
- Classic
- Strong/Rugged
- Smart

Comfort. As the first company in Central Europe, Maxcom launched in 2008 an ergonomic, user-friendly, large key GSM mobile telephone. What the phone features is the emergency call function that provides our customers with a sense of security under any circumstances. If there is a need to call for help, your assistance is always just a single key press away.

Classic. Maxcom range of products covers a number of classic mobile phones, perfect to serve both your home and office needs.

Rugged. This heavy duty category is addressed to adventurous customers who look for reliable devices that can withstand both abuse and submersion and can go where most can't while working well in harsh weather and geographical conditions.

Smart. Maxcom smartphones make an interesting alternative to touch phones widely available on the market. We have staked our reputation on the state of the art design, functionality, and excellent price to quality ratio.

Due to high level of expertise and many years of experience in the electronic and IT industries, we can meet high expectations of our Customers. What we care about is reliability and safety of our products paired with user friendly and hi-tech qualities.

What ranks us among leaders in Europe is Maxcom excellent sales of both mobile and landline telephones, state of the art appearance, advanced features and employment of advanced technologies.

All our devices for the European market are CE certified and authorized to be used both domestically and within the European Union. We have pioneered the launch of the most state of the art solutions to meet needs of exacting Customers with high level of expectations.

What confirms the prime quality of our products is a high number of models we have been selling to telecommunication service providers both within and out of the country, to chain stores both in Europe and Poland and to retail stores, as well as to distributors and dealers in many countries all over the world.

Apart from variety of Maxcom products, as an exclusive distributor we also offer our Customers the wide range of other brand products such as PMRs (Personal Mobile Radios), fixed-wireline telephones and accessories by CELLY.


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